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"Sunspot's Eclipse" 
        ApHC #T-225,244, CRHA # 1587-N, SBC #26, AWS #940038 
1975, 16-hand, bay leopard stallion 

We had five tough criteria in mind-depth of "old-line" Appaloosa Gl breeding; performance; sporthorse conformation, size and movement; color; and disposition-when we went looking for a stallion to base our program around. We met them all in Sunspot's Eclipse. Long muscled and elegant, "Clipper" has a quick mind and a puppy-dog disposition. An elegant, versatile athlete with true sporthorse conformation, Clipper is intensely leopard-bred and throws intelligent, colorful, able babies. He has never refused a request, and gives 110% in everything he has set out to do in his versatile career. 

Old-Line Breeding

Bambi's Jungle Flower being courted by Sunspot Revel. The outcome of 
this mating was the elegant son, Sunspot's Eclipse.

We wanted to find a stallion with the bloodline of Sunspot Revel, one of the most balanced Appaloosas we know of, noted for his consistent  production of premium performance horses. We looked at a lot of nice stallions who had Sunspot Revel four or more generations back in their pedigrees-and then we found Sunspot's Eclipse. Clipper is one of two remaining sons of Sunspot Revel. On top of that, he is out of Bambi's Jungle Flower, an own daughter of the immortal Bambi E, patriarch of the Sully line of halter and performance horses. We believe he is the last grandson of Bambi E still producing. Both his sire and dam were great-grandget of the ApHC Hall of Fame stallion, Sundance, F-500. Thus, Clipper carries the close-up blood of this legendary Appaloosa sire twice at the fourth generation. (Click here for Clipper's pedigree.)  Clipper's exceptional race and performance bloodlines, top and bottom, make him an excellent choice for those who want colorful babies with athletic ability, size, sanity, soundness. 


Trained by Monte Foreman, up, Clipper accumulated points in reining,
trail and rope race as a young stallion. 

Clipper's sire, Sunspot Revel, was a race winner, performance champion and multiple medallion sire.  His dam, Bambi's Jungle  Flower, was a race winner and evented through Training Level. You won't find better close-up performance breeding anywhere. Clipper has proven himself in the show ring. Trained by Western-training great Monte Foreman, with limited showing as a young stallion, Clipper accumulated national points in reining, trail and rope race-a testament to the versatility of his breeding. At age 19, he entered dressage training. His inherently wonderful disposition and movement make him a natural. 

Sporthorse Conformation, Size and Movement

Clipper entered Dressage training at 19. His noted dressage trainer, Linda Waldeck, said of him, "His trot is big and it's real. He's not just throwing out in front and dragging behind

At an honest 16.0 hands, Clipper possesses the size necessary to produce truly competitive dressage, jumping and eventing horses. A  long-muscled horse, he is balanced and elegant with a long, graceful neck, powerful shoulder, straight legs, good bone and good feet. More importantly, he throws these traits on his "cookie-cutter" babies. 

This tri-colored leopard has some of the strongest leopard breeding in the West and it shows in his babies. He has produced 85% color out of solid and colored mares. Of these horses 75% fall into the range of leopard horses-few-spots, leopards or near leopards-with only 12% blanketed. Clipper throws more fillies (65%) than colts (35%). His babies are leggy, substantial, intelligent, and inherit his super disposition. 


Clipper with the First Graders on "farm day." He lowered his head so 
that all could pet him. 

While possessing the regal "look of eagles," Clipper has a puppy-dog personality that he passes along to his get. His babies are tractable, smart, and in-your-pocket, possessing Clipper's incredible work ethic and friendliness. Click here for photos of some of Clipper's get.

"Sun Son Shen" 
2001 bay leopard colt 

Although there will never, in our minds, be a replacement for Clipper, his 2001 son will stay with us as our next sire and competition horse. Out of our wonderful 16.2-hand mare, Sonora Moon, this guy is big, fearless and friendly. Nora is one of only a few producing daughters of Thunder's Mr. Magpie, who proven himself on the racetrack, in open jumping with Barbara Worth, and in eventing. No less stellar is his dam's bottom line, with the performance and sporthorse bloodlines of Wapiti, and the intense performance breeding of Marie Hulseman and Con Ruff, whose horses trace strongly to both the Ghost Wind stallions and imported Russian leopard bloodstock. We have high hopes for this boy. Check back and we will update you on his progress! 


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